WEGO transportation is a state-of-the-art bus system connecting accommodations and Niagara Falls tourist areas. As a unique partnership between The City of Niagara Falls and The Niagara Parks Commission, WEGO provides integrated bus service to visitors.

AdFuel Media Inc.’s contract with WEGO incorporates three out of the four separate lines of travel throughout popular Niagara Falls tourism destinations (which collectively constitutes more than 60 bus stops). AdFuel Media Inc advertisers have an exclusive opportunity to take advantage of this new promotional initiative with rate cards or infotainment videos.

Boarding a WEGO bus is easy! Buy a summer Niagara Fall’s Adventure Pass,* a winter Niagara Magic Pass*, a WEGO Pass, a Niagara Falls Transit 30-day pass, or ask your accommodation host if they take part in the “Host Card” program. Exact fares only. Operators do not provide change.


WEGO Fares

*Includes admission to Niagara Parks attractions.

WEGO Destinations

All WEGO buses travel directly to the Falls. While there, transfer onto buses travelling to all the major attractions throughout the Niagara Parkway, Lundy’s Lane, Victoria Avenue, Cliffton Hill, Fallsview Area, Main and Ferry, and Queen Street.


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