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Hotel Room Television Advertising

AdFuel Media Inc EXCLUSIVE hotel in-room television home screen advertising opportunity entices brands, entertains and engages, delivering messaging to a HIGHLY-TARGETED captive audience at the time when prospective customers will be most willing to take advantage of your establishment.

Think Like a Tourist

What’s one of the first things you do when you enter your hotel room?

The act of turning on the television, on average, is within the first 4 minutes upon entering the room. Your video advertisement will be showcased on the home screen, which is the standard home channel that automatically appears upon turning on the television.

The majority of visitors research “what to do” after they have booked their hotel room and make decisions when they arrive, after checking in. Doesn’t it make sense to be there when it matters most?


  • Please note that all advertisements must respect corresponding hotel parallel establishments and the appropriate approvals may be required.
  • Production is not included in advertising rates.
  • All contracts must be paid in full prior to installation.

Market Coverage

  • Monthly audience of over 450,000
  • 3 people on average stay in each hotel room
  • Families with high to medium level income stay in our exclusive set of hotels ($72,000/year income average)
  • Tourism destination spending growth rates are 2X those of global averages in our exclusive opportunities.
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