AdVisitor gives you a deeper look at your site visitors. How does it work?

  1. A prospect visits your website activating the tracking software
  2. We do the research
  3. Gathering information such as company name, services, phone number and more
  4. We e-mail YOU these qualified leads!

Anonymous Website Visitor Identification

  • Who is visiting your website?
  • What are they looking for?
  • Caller ID for your website.

Form Capture

  • Research and track your conversions.


  • Integrate with over 700 applications with Zapier.

Client Email Tracking

  • Track your everyday sales emails with our Gmail and Outlook Plugin

Not just an IP address. Get real leads from your existing web traffic and find out who is coming to your site:

      • Their name
      • Their email
      • Their phone number
      • Their company information

Call Tracking Now Available!

Call Tracking Basics

How do you tell how many prospects placed calls instead of filling out an online form? This is where call tracking comes in.

What is Call Tracking

In simple terms, it is the ability to trace phone calls back to the person who initiated the call, as well as the relevant advertising channel that prompted the call to your business.

How Does it Work?

Call Tracking works by assigning unique phone numbers to different advertising sources. When the prospect sees your ad, they call the unique phone number which is then forwarded to your regular business phone

(or whatever number you would like). We are then able to collect metrics about the call, record and transcribe the call if you would like, notify you by email and many more options.

What We Offer:

Online Use:  Website • Adwords • Email

Offline Use:  Print • Direct Mail • Television

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